Board Members of SD Sr. Games

                                                                           BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                   President:  Brian Hunhoff, Miller                    Secretary: Bernie Schuurmans, Madison

                   Vice-President:  Doug Roby, Sioux Falls                      Treasurer:  Billl Nelson, Redfield

                              Executive Director:  Howard Bich, Sioux Falls;   


                                                                                     BOARD MEMBERS

Garth Couey, Huron                                           Richard Smith,  Brookings

Patrick Kane,  Sioux Falls                                  Audrey Kempf,  Woonsocket 

Lloyd Kempf,  Woonsocket                                Dick McConnell,  Rapid City    

Rev. Lee Stadem,  Sioux Falls                          Mary Schulte, Brookings

DeWayne Walker,  DVM, Rapid City                 Brett Hestdalen, Pierre          

Elaine Goldhammer, Mitchell                            Dennis Nincehelser,Pierre                                

 Curt Pochardt,  Rapid City             






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