Oustanding over 80

Brian Hunhoff presents Elaine Golammer with the 2018 "Over 80" award.

Outstanding Athlete (over 80 years old)


   Recognition of Superlative Achievement of Athletes over 80

 Years Old Participating  in the Annual S.D. State Senior Games

                      by the South Dakota Senior Games Association


  Year                     Athlete                                       Hometown


2016                    Leann Fredrickson                  Aberdeen

2015                     Roland Kleinschmidt              Harrold

2014                     Lloyd Kempf                          Woonsocket

2013                     Jeanne Kirsch                        Rapid City

2012                     Mary Kay                                Wilmot

2011                     Ceil Edrich                              Hoven

2010                     Don Phillips                           Sioux Falls

2009                     Frank Farrar                           Britton

2008                     David Zilverberg                    Highmore

2007                     Arnold Webb                          Harrold

2006                     Ken Kessinger                       Sioux Falls

2005                     John Zilverberg                     Highmore

2004                     Sigurd Andenas                    Howard               

2003                     Paul Kohler                            Brookings

2002                     Danny Olson                          Sioux Falls                                                       

2001                     Don McCullough                   Vermillion                                                  

2000                     Ralph Johnston                    Clark                                       

1999                     Ray Sherman                          Rockham            

1998                     Alice Humphrey                     Verona, ND        

1997                     Carl Sundall                           Kennebec                    

1996                     Phyllis O’Connor                   Rapid City                          

1995                     Emmett Bennett                     Rapid City          

1994                     Maurice Johnson                  Mobridge            

1993                     Marion Stoley                         Pierre

1992                     Mel Wall                                   Pierre                                      

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